Events Security

Large scale events attract huge group of people. Even small incidents can cause crisis situation if not handled with care. Also, certain events require special arrangements. We, at Falcon Security Services W.L.L. (Falcon) provide services to improve your situational awareness and enhance your ability to coordinate and to respond immediately in case unwarranted events arise. Our service includes but not limited to, combination of electronic tools and security personnel and computerized system for coordination and control. We are well trained to face any challenge. We design, develop and execute complex event security plan and contingency.  We provide support in coordinating with local law enforcement, medical services, preparing case scenarios and so on. We ensure we have contingency plan in place for every scenario which is thoroughly defined with careful assessment and site survey. We outline deployment in strategic points at the event venue, crowd control, ushering guests, VIPs escorts, traffic organized flow, and access management.