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Security is the number one priority for all businesses today. Protection of property, people, mitigate threat and control risk is one of the critical areas of concerns that business owners should gave importance to and investing in security services is no longer a luxury but mandatory.

We, at Falcon Security Services W.L.L. (Falcon) provides technology driven and latest state of the art in security, protection and safety solutions for your business. Designed by expert professionals, our solutions can be easily adapted by businesses of any size, sector or vertical. The years of experience in the service industry gave us the knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding of problematic areas and our solutions are well-designed to address adversaries.


Falcon Security Services W.L.L. (Falcon) envisages to be the most trusted, reliable, and fastest growing security service provider with a long list of largest business networks across the state of Qatar.


Our constant attempt would be to consistently deliver high precision security and protection services to every type of business entity assuring safety, security and protection to their business and personal assets and properties.


Innovation, customer focus, entrepreneurship, talent and social awareness are the values that are part of our genetic heritage and shared by all our stakeholders. Daily, these founding values govern our activities and guide us in the pursuit of our ambition to become the leading provider of security services in Qatar.

Falcon Security Services W.L.L. (Falcon) stand for values such as

  • Provide service par excellence to our clients
  • Customer satisfaction is our high priority
  • Create a culture where every employee is valued
  • Never compromise on quality


Falcon Security Services W.L.L. (Falcon) was established on 10th June 2015 as a fully Qatari owned company with license and registration from the state of Qatar under the strong leadership of H.H. SHEIKH HAMAD MOHAMMED A A AL-THANI, Falcon Security Services W.L.L. Chairman, and H.H. SHEIKH SAUD MOHAMMED A AL-THANI, Falcon Security Services W.L.L. CEO. Falcon has been able to render service par excellence in security products, services and solutions thus, we have established our reputation and name in the security services industry.


We always believe in giving the best, so we associate ourselves with the best in class to offer outstanding services. We have international partners in the advisory board of Falcon Security Services W.L.L. (Falcon) for providing technical advice’s.

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