Our Team

To support us in our endeavour in every step we are fortunate to have our international partners. Together, FALCON SAMSIC SECURITY SERVICES (FALCON SAMSIC) hope to meet the distinct needs of our valued customers. We select and employ professional, specialized and skilled workforce that adhere to the company’s principle and values in providing excellent services and customer relation.

Our Management

FALCON SAMSIC SECURITY SERVICES (FALCON SAMSIC) Management Team comprises of experienced professionals who bring in customer centricity, operational and technological expertise to our business. Together, we provide you a full spectrum of security services with a perfect blend of technology and security officers. We use smart technology to watch over your business 24/7 to deter occurrence of any trouble and respond appropriately in real time in case of any incidences. We explore all areas of your business to determine your risk and needs. We assist you with corporate investigations, risk base screening, background checks and more.

Our Workforce

FALCON SAMSIC SECURITY SERVICES (FALCON SAMSIC) put in tremendous amount of thought in people we hire. We have an extensive recruitment process to ensure we select the right candidate who would uphold our values, culture and meet the demands of the role.

Retaining employees is a talent and we have a mastered it. We are in the top percentile for employee retention in the security industry. We look at employees as our asset and ensure we provide the right ambiance for them to grow, develop, perform and flourish. We believe satisfied employees would yield higher productivity and lower the attrition rate. We also focus on nurturing the internal talent and have a succession planning model in place ensuring the business is never affected due to movement of personnel.

At FALCON SAMSIC SECURITY SERVICES (FALCON SAMSIC), Health, Safety and Employees are given utmost priority. It is intrinsic part of our work culture and it’s deemed as critical component of our business. The safety of employees, being one of core values, we provide Health and Safety training to all our employees during induction and at various stages of employment. We understand our people are our ambassadors, so we ensure their welfare is never compromised. We provide comfortable work environment and take care of their health and safety at all times.