FALCON SAMSIC provides Qatar’s hotels and hospitality outlets with experienced guards who have a natural aptitude for delivering excellent customer service to our valued clients.

The goal of our hospitality security guards is to safeguard your employees, guests and property, while improving the standards of operations and services in your hotel or motel. By working closely with you, we can build a customised security plan to meet the needs of your business’s security requirements.

Our guards have completed all specialised trainings to work in the hospitality industry. Additionally, our security guards upskill regularly to stay informed on the latest regulations to ensure 24/7 protection of your premises with quality service you can trust.

We aim to create a safe and secure environment that allows employees to focus on their primary job responsibilities and guests to simply enjoy a worry-free stay.

Our Hotels & Hospitality Security Solutions

  • Static and Mobile Guards
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Lock-up and Alarm
  • Alarm Monitoring and Response
  • Special Event Security